5G Expo: EE reinvents the red carpet at the BAFTAS with the World’s first 5G-Powered augmented reality dress

4, February, 2020


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Television and radio presenter Maya Jama showcased a 5G dress that took 250 hours to create.

MTV and Channel 4 presenter Maya Jama made a futuristic fashion statement on Sunday, by wearing the world’s first 5G-powered augmented reality (AR) dress to the 2020 Bafta Awards. 

(Image credit: EE/Baftas)

Many often discuss what the use cases for the deployment of 5G are and here we are presented with a fashion first. The dress is the vision of British designer Richard Malone and took over 250 hours to complete. Using a vast variety of technology to map the various movements and positions and then relaying the data to a bespoke augmented reality app the dress modelled by Jama was a floor length, light blue gown.

And although it may have appeared to be normal dress at any awards ceremony, this 5G-enabled dress was able to digitally transform itself when viewed through an augmented reality app on a tablet or mobile device.


Renowned for already pushing the limits of textile design, Richard Malone, designer of the 5G-powered AR dress, went even further this time with his seamless (excuse the pun) integration of tech and fashion.

(Image credit: EE/Baftas)
(Image credit: EE/Baftas)

The dress contained more than 12 full body-length wires and 18 sensor bulbs. To keep all of the technology hidden, it was hand sewn with more than 100,00 stitches. The sensors were tracked using the EE 5G network, allowing Jama and others to interact with the design using a smartphone.

“My work is generally all about the human touch – we’re a small team in my atelier, working by hand – and this project has allowed me to integrate technology into my work in a completely new way,” Malone explained.

Even if you’re not a fashion fan, it’s a remarkable piece of technology showing how 5G and AR can be used for a wide range of different purposes, right down to changing how we look throughout the day.
We are seeing more and more the endless applications of 5G and how they will impact many areas of life.

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