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Why Partnerships are the Key to Early 5G Success

The value of 5G has been demonstrated during the Covid-19 pandemic. During the outbreak, Huawei and telecom operators collaborated


5G Expo Europe 2020 is Taking Place in Amsterdam This November! Discover the Real Value of 5G.

Innovate your role and join over 8,000 enterprise technology and 5G enthusiasts at the 5G Expo Europe 2020 on

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What Would You Do With Extra Speed? Exploring 6G Use Cases

1TBps. What could we all do with that speed of connectivity? It is the speed that 6G promises along

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5G: Glide Through the Virtual, Online and Physical Retail Worlds

The fun of try-before-you-buy and the comfort of shopping online and zipping through checkout: here’s why 5G will take

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5G Expo: It’s time for the Global Rollout

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) in various fields, the establishment of

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5G Expo Global 2020 announces its leading women speakers

The world leading 5G Expo Global is making its debut at the Olympia London 17-18th March 2020 and is


5G Expo: EE reinvents the red carpet at the BAFTAS with the World’s first 5G-Powered augmented reality dress

Television and radio presenter Maya Jama showcased a 5G dress that took 250 hours to create. MTV and Channel

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5G Expo: 5 ways 5G will impact retail

Register today for your free 5G expo Global pass at 5gexpo.net/global/ The retail industry is undergoing a dramatic transformation.


What’s next for 5G and future trends

5G is set to revolutionise consumer and business communications and processes. Yet its development right now, in terms of


5G — on the Edge

Alright, so 5G is all about low latency and fast speed that helps the advanced smart technologies that will

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Pondering over 6G

The 5G rollout is yet to start and the curious human mind has stepped out in search of what

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The Stadium of Tomorrow

Picture this — you are seated somewhere amidst the zillion spectators watching the much-awaited soccer match and no matter