A successful senior executive with 25 years experience in building, marketing, selling and delivering enterprise software products in the global Telecoms and Finance sectors.

Currently delivering strategic business development, thought leadership and consulting for technology companies on both sell and buy-side of the market. Key clients include Freestyle IoT, Cotham Technologies and Cloud 9 Enterprise Ltd.

Sits on the Collaboration and Open Digital committees of the TM Forum, the global standards and industry body driving innovation in the Telecoms and Digital Services sectors.

Founded and ran Celona Technologies Ltd between 2004 and 2012, building a world-class team. Raised significant VC funding to enable the company to become a leading player in the enterprise information management sector. Key deals sold and delivered to BT, Telstra, Swisscom, KPN and ABN Amro.

Founded and ran SESI Ltd in 1997 to deliver managed outsourced BSS software services to BT, Telewest, Telenet and MBL until 2004 when the business was transformed into Celona Technologies.

Consulted to i-gem, a Connected Energy Data Aggregator, and Create-3D – a leader in the 3D imaging sector. Both businesses were VC funded and in exciting emerging market sectors.

Early career at BT, Prudential, IBM and Westpac built a strong foundation in enterprise software development and delivery in demanding environments.