5G Expo Virtual Agenda - Day 1



Presentation: 5G Capabilities – Why You Need It & What You Can Gain

  • High-band spectrum and automation – Allowing for peak connectivity speeds.
  • Small cells – Increased Geographical connectivity due to more connectivity assets including antennas and cell sites.
  • Networking – How this enables devices from asset tracking and street furniture, to remote healthcare.
  • Confidentiality – Data encryption at the edge of the network thanks to local cache V’s the core.



Live Panel: Unlocking the Potential of 5G

  • Talk of the potential of 5G and the full network roll-out has taken-over, but how is the lack of understanding in how to integrate this network into existing infrastructures hindering its imminent use?
  • How 5G will affect the holy quintet; capacity, reliability, latency, bandwidth and efficiency?
  • The need for MNO’s to create new products and pricing for sector adoption



Keynote Presentation: Monitoring & Monetizing 5G for the Enterprise

  • How the layered connectivity of 5G enables real-time monitoring of assets, data and AI insights for actionable outcomes and in turn, peak efficiency.
  • What this means for predictive maintenance and pro-active rather than reactive solutions.
  • The new revenue streams open to suppliers and operators including, Enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB), Ultra-reliable and low-latency communications (URLLC) and Massive machine-type communications (mMTC).
  • How do we start of essential process of creating 5G focused business models?



Live Panel: The New World of Connectivity; 5G & the Future

  • How fast will it evolve and is the key to future 5G success gaining the confidence of the public?
  • Shutting down old networks, how will this impact industries?
  • How industries will be able to grow because of the advance solutions 5G provides.
  • How do we adopt the key technologies needed now? E.g. MIMO (Multiple-input multiple-output)
  • 5G in five years’ time, where will we be? Is WiFi 6 the next game-changer?



Fireside chat: Building the Network – Collaboration & Innovation for the UK 5G Programme

  • A look at the work and deployment of the UK Government’s 5G programme.
  • How has the programme developed so far?
  • What barriers has the programme faced and what strategies/ solutions has the team used to overcome these?
  • How collaboration is key to the current and future success of the wireless network evolution.
  • Examples of the 5G programme in action.



Close of Event